Travel Bug: Paris Je T’aime

I constantly catch the travel bug! I’m not always fortunate enough to act on it, but that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t dream….First I some across this beautiful video on A CUP OF JO: Paris Elopement.

Then my friend shares this really helpful travel website Secrets of Paris.
And then another friend tells me about this amazing travel group called Contiki vacations. They are trips built for people ages 18-35. I was gushing over the different travel opportunities all weekend….
Even though it feels like the universe is telling me to hop on a plane to Paris:)I do not see that trip happening in my too, too near future. So to help me fill the void, I’m just going to have to watch Amélie over and over again and let Audrey Tautou speak to my Parisian searching soul.


Source: via Molly on Pinterest


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