Get to Know erin of ProjectME


What is your favorite outfit that you have right now?

I’m loving easy layers right now. Skinny Jeans or leggings paired with flowy woven blouses a sweater or scarf with some booties. I’m all about easy comfort these winter days, but of course without looking like I’m heading to the gym!

If you could hire any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for you who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Lauren Conrad, that girl just gets me. I think I can relate to her and at what stage she is in her career & personal life, we are both you females that love fashion and style. I think she is incredibly smart and posed, and I love what I see from her Paper Crown lines. She has the California easy going, but sophisticated look I’d like to try to incorporate more into my look.

What are your top 5 (or more if you want) essential clothing staples?

Skinny Jeans (Black, Dark Wash, and an Olive Green) Pair of Booties, Pair of Flats, Denim/Chambray Shirt, A Go with Everything Scarf, Crisp & Flowy White Blouse, LBD, Maxi Skirt.

Is there any person or character who’s style you really admire?

Right now I am loving Kendi over at she’s hysterically funny & witty. She documents her personal style everyday and owns her own little shop. She loves the trends, but shops high and low end to get the complete look. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and I admire that because at the end of the day clothes, style, fashion, should just make you happy.

Is there a certain city or country who you think has great style?

European style is always so intriguing to me. Parisian and Italian women always seem so pulled together and classic, even if they are sporting some of the latest trends. It’s always something to strive for, especially in a country that is notoriously in love with their sweat pants (present company included!)

Which colors/patterns do you love to wear the most?

I am always drawn to greys, beiges, and whites. I tend to wear more color in the summer corals, blues, and greens and keep a more reserved palette for the winter months; it’s something I do need to work on to keep the winter months bright and cheery.

Any trends you wish were never created?

I honestly can’t think of anything, clear bra straps? Maybe peplums (only because I can’t for the life of me find one that looks good on me! But that’s just me being bitter…) Crocs?

What do you think are the best trends ever?

Black & White, Stealing from the boys – menswear inspired, soft, delicate and feminine

Do you have any clothing goals right now?

I’m currently saving up for a new pair of denim, I’m always/constantly in search of the best pair of jeans and I’d like to splurge a little on my next pair, recommendations welcome!

Favorite season to dress in?

Hands down fall, even if it only seems to last for a few short weeks here, I love layering, wearing boots and scarves. Although I do love the effortlessness of my summer dresses and flip-flops, definitely a close second.

Which clothes from what decade or era do you think should make a comeback?

Actually, I think everything sort of makes a comeback, the grunge of the 90’s, the neon’s of the 80’s, the flares of the 70’s, the 60’s mod, the 50’s swing skirt. I like to think anything “good” from each decade comes back full circle.

Why do you like fashion?

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, and reinvented itself. I like to think that you can be whoever you want to be on a given day, just by what you decide to put on. Often it’s how people first see you, it’s a great way to really try and display who you are to people you are just meeting…and if you are still trying to find out who you are, half the fun is playing dress up!

I’ve been completely terrible at documenting my latest outfits…(and perhaps i’ve been sort of cycling the same outfit every few days–it’s winter i’m allowed!) so here are some of my favorite looks. I promise to document some more recent looks soon!




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