Get to Know Molly of ProjectME

What is your favorite outfit that you have right now?


My favorite outfit right now is my black coated Joe’s Jeans and a t-shirt with a chambray button down paired with leopard print flats to dress it down or black heels to dress up for a night out and typically I’m wearing some sort of scarf depending on weather.

If you could hire any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for you who would it be and why?

I would choose Stella McCartney for her daring and innovative designs. Stella is always pushing the Fashion World in the next new direction.  Mary Kate and Ashley Olson can never do wrong, I would trust them with my life and in particular my wardrobe.

What are your top 5 (or more if you want) essential clothing staples?

Grey T-shirt, My Free People Super Skinny Blue Jeans , Button down woven shirts of all kinds (chambray, silk, chiffon), One of my few oversized sweaters preferably paired with my skinnies and Short boots of all kinds (black motor, tan lace up with plaid lining, cognac western booties), fun thick socks high or low to go under the boots to add an easy trendy boast to your look.

Is there any person or character who’s style you really admire?

I really love Jessica Alba’s style. Her look is extremely versatile and she is always wearing the coolest trends before anyone else. I also love the fact that she is a busy working mom and while she dresses in some really fashion forward looks she is always wearing something made for a woman on the go.

Is there a certain city or country who you think has great style?

Copenhagen, Denmark has my favorite street style, people are really pushing the limits in Copenhagen but still looking beautiful while doing it. And of course there’s Paris, I just love Paris so much!!! I swear people in Paris don’t even have to try, they are all just that fabulous without any thought behind it.

Which colors/patterns do you love to wear the most?

I’m a polka dot girl:) It’s a fact I don’t even realize about myself but I have been drawn to polka dots like a moth to a flame for as long as I can remember. Plaids and Flannels are a consistent piece of my wardrobe, I’m a men’s wear clothing junkie: boyfreind jeans, over sized tee’s, leather jackets and flannels are part of my go to cool girl look.

Any trends you wish were never created?

Honestly this is very hypocritical of me because I own two pairs but Ugg’s. I love them and during this weather I live in my Ugg’s, but I will never pretend that they are not Ugly!

What do you think are the best trends ever?

Chambray:) Love Love Love it! Also a crisp white button down. Noting more classic.

Do you have any clothing goals right now?

Honestly I have done a pretty good job for meeting all of my clothing needs this winter, unfortunately for my wallet:) But spring is around the corner and I am getting excited to start thinking about dressing for the sun again!

Favorite season to dress in?

Early Fall…That’s my favorite transition period. It’s a time for jackets and sweaters but the sun it still shining so layers are essential in case it starts to heat up.

Which clothes from what decade or era do you think should make a comeback?

The roaring 20’s! Luckily for me it has been trending again and after The Great Gatsby comes out this summer I’m sure it will be the flapper dresses and head adornments will be on everyone’s must have list.

Why do you like fashion?

It may sound Cliche but fashion is how I get to express myself to the world. My clothes represent how I am feeling that day. I love having that outlet! I don’t know what I would do without it.

prairie girl lookprairie girl look 2


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