Do You Dare to Flare?

Do You Dare to Flare?

I’ve been seeing more and more ladies trading in their skinny jeans for flare & wide legs. Flare leg jeans can help elongate your legs which can be a whole lot more flattering than those super skinny jeans, which on some days it’s nice to take a skinny jean brake! Flare jeans can be a great way to rock your heels or wedges, they look best when they aren’t dragging on the ground but when they cover your shoe. This is the hardest part for me, at 5’8″ it’s difficult for me to find a long enough pair to also be able to wear a wedge or heel, but I am up for the challenge looking for flare jeans in longer lengths is always an option. I’m loving these styles: 7ForAllManKind & JBrand

Creating the Look…When rockin’ the flare, try to keep what you are wearing on top not too loose or long, save these tops for your skinny jean days. Add your favorite heels or wedges and you’re set! Maybe it’s just these chilly temps, that’s got me dreaming of simple outfits basic t-shirts, flares, and sandal wedges…i’ll add it to my spring outfit wishlist and hope for warmer days to come! Will you be rocking the flares this spring?


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