the hair diaries

Let me let you in on a little secret, I used to be that girl that washed and used her blow dryer every single day, it was terrible my friends, but my hair would be so crazy, wavy, curly, looked like I was in a fight last night kind of mess; I had no other choice. I will preface this because my hair was always on the shorter side, this is the longest my hair has ever been, so the shorter it is the harder I think it was to tame. But now I am a completely changed woman, my trick, top knot, and dry shampoo and now I am going three sometimes four days. My morning routine is cut in half, and my hair is so much healthier!


Day 1: Freshly washed hair, I tend to wear my hair straight on day 1, if anything I do a little wave with the curling iron at the ends and I don’t use hair spray (my hairs thick so the curl stays for me) I try not to use too many products on day 1. At night I twist my hair back into a top knot using Goodys Simple Style Spin Pins


Day 2: I’m in the process of growing out my bangs, so I do wet these while in the shower and then blow them out. I then take my hair out of my top knot and spray dry shampoo. Some days I leave it as is or I add some curls/waves with a curling iron. At the end of the day, I then repeat my nightly process putting it all up into a top knot.


Day 3: I repeat my morning routine again Day 3 is normally just recurling some parts, this is my big hair day, there’s defintely a lot more texture than day 1 and it tends to take on a life of its own. This is also a great day to pull it back or twist it up into a bun.


Day 4: I normally feel like I need to wash my hair, but sometimes I let it go just a little more…and so the big bun is born. Who can notice how dirty your hair is when you have a big old bun on the top of your head? No one, that’s right.

It’s been a complete game changer but I could not have done it without dry shampoo, here are my three you-can-find-in-drugstore favorites of the moment:


Suave Salon Proven Dry Shampoo – this is the first dry shampoo I tried from a friends recommendation, can I tell you it smells amazing, think grapefruit and summer time. It doesn’t leave behind too much texture or dirtiness that I found other dry shampoos do. It quickly soaks up any oily areas and recharges my locks. This is my go to for Day 1 & 2.


Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo –this is a second favorite, the smell is sweet and clean but not as over powering as the Suave (I have found that I used the Suave a little too much, so I need to mix it up with the Dove to get a new smell) This one I find is harder to rub in than the Suave, so you have to make sure you brush it/rub it all in so you don’t have any white spots. This is my go to for Day 3.


Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo – I love to use this on my Day 4, it definitely gives you the volume as promised, but it does give you a little more of the dirty/texture at the root, so I like to do it on the last day of my dirty hair cycle. It works great if you are trying to achieve a voluminous pony tail or updo, or even a pouf.

…and with that, I urge you to go out and get some dry shampoo, think of all the time you could save (or use to sleep in for a little bit longer!)


One thought on “the hair diaries

  1. Never heard of dry shampoo, I have to try this becasue i still am one of those daily wash and blow dry girls and i hate it! My hair thanks you!

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