The February Wish-List

In an attempt to not go overboard on my spending for this month and the months to follow, I am creating a shopping wish-list. This list will hopefully keep me from making impulse buys that I don’t need! I am not saying that I need to buy everything on my list below…hence the word Wish-List:)

Number one on the list is a pair of Red, Hunter Rain Boots. There is nothing like a cute pair of rain boots- functional and fashionable! Thanks to Atlantic-Pacific for the inspiration!

Red Hunter Rain Boots- Atlantic Pacific

Military Coat with Faux Leather Sleeves: This will be my go-to transition coat for the in-between weather that is around the corner.

Military Coat with Faux Leather Sleeves

I want this C’est La Vie sweater! It’s perfect for a movie date night choice!

Cute Sweater

Lace Rose Body Con for a more romantic date night look. Perfect look for Valentine’s Day drinks and dinner!

Flower lace body con

My Birthday is coming up, and I would love to have this Color Block Dress to celebrate in!

Color Block Dress



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