Leather Baby

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Leather is everywhere my friends and you’ll want to get your hands on it, this trend will for sure seamlessly transition into next fall as well! Leather sleeves, leather collars, and leather trims are making there way onto jackets, blouses, t-shirts, skirts and pants! There are also some really great pleather/vegan leather options out there that help you achieve the look without braking the bank! If you want to splurge try to find pieces that you can wear now and bring back into your wardrobe for next fall, think neutrals and classic silhouettes. Here are some of my favorites!



Spring Dress Time

Spring has almost officially sprung! Whether it be Easter, Passover, spring brunch, bridal showers or baby showers there is plenty of need for a sweet spring dress. There are so many beautiful options available at every price point!

Long Sleeved Spring Dresses

Long Sleeved Spring Dresses

Short Sleeved Spring Dresses

Short Sleeve Spring Dresses

Sleeveless Spring Dresses

Sleeveless Spring Dresses


girl crush…

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My Week With Marilyn is finally on TV…(i know, i know i am totally behind on this) while watching (which isn’t it great?!?) I realized how much of a girl crush (i.e. I wishl we could be friends) I have on Michelle Williams. It all started with watching her on Dawson’s Creek, I have to be honest I was always a Joey kind of girl, but Jen Lindley really stole my heart in the end. I loved her and Heath together, and even now I loved her with Jason Segel (are they really broken up, so sad!) And of course her pixie cut is adorable and suits her so well. She’s classy, humble, and beautiful. If you need any friends Michelle, I’m here!


…Wanderlust Wardrobe…

I wasn’t feeling too hot today so I took this opportunity to lay on the couch and catch up on some On Demand. I came across Wanderlust which is on HBO movies right now. I seriously laughed so hard through most of the movie!! Not only did this movie cheer up this sick girl, but as always Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe has completely inspired me! She gives the perfect template for my festival wardrobe this season 🙂 Summer please come now and stay forever! Thank you!!

Jen’s wardrobe transition






DIY Wanderlust Wardrobe

Jennifer Aniston in Wanderlust
Jennifer Aniston in Wanderlust



*Every Friday ProjectME is going to share with you both of our Top 5 favorite Pins of the Week!*

Molly’s Pins:

Seriously obsessed with this jumpsuit!!! And the braid ❤


Such a great neutral look for a room!

gold and brown

Yummy sorbet recipes! Now all that I need is some warm weather!

Yum sorbet recipes

Maroon and Blush Pink is one of my favorite color combinations!

Maroon and blush pink

Will be making a version of this soon, 4th of July perhaps?!

DIY Flags


olive you

og1 og2 og3 SAMSUNG CSC og6

It’s safe to say that I have reached an unhealthy obsession with the color olive. I want it in EVERYTHING. and while it can’t replace black, because black is the new black (obvi)…it sure does pop well with it dontcha think? Must Haves are skinnies, cargos, and lightweight anorak jackets. Pop in with skirts, bags, and blouses. Pairs great with neutrals such as black, ivory, & white also great with hot pink and Chartreuse! Head to toe olive, probably not the best look…but do I love it that much that it might happen…maybe, maybe!


Tuesday Tunes

Is this week over yet? (I know it’s only Tuesday) …willing it to be the weekend already calls for some Tuesday Tunes to set my mood right! (Click on the link under the pictures to watch the videos!)


Radical Face – Welcome Home


Walk the Moon- Anna Sun


Capital Cities – Safe and Sound


Dr. Dog – Heart it Races


Little Numbers- Boy


Varsity Blues

The players, the ref, and the fans of all the major cities sports teams are influencing fashion right now.  This trend is not exactly about supporting your team, it’s the graphics and the colors that are pushing this look. I’m obviously a Phillies, Eagles, Flyers girl, but I love the colors of the Denver, Broncos. The Satorialist does an amazing job of following this trend. It was over a year ago that he posted his first picture of a girl in Paris wearing a Jersey for an American college football team and he’s been continuing to post sports influenced outfits ever since! Check out his pictures below.Varsity Blues
racersVarsity Blues
Varsity Blues, The SatorialistVarsity Blues, The Satorialist
Varsity Blues, The Satorialist


*Every Friday ProjectME is going to share with you both of our Top 5 favorite Pins of the Week!*

Molly’s Pins:

Crimped Hair is back and looking quite beautiful, thanks to Girls character Jessa.

Crimped hair

This makes me so excited to dye Easter eggs!!! I’m am doing this!

Pantone Eater Eggs

Just Love this Outfit! How simple…Very Jen Aniston ❤

denim shirt with back dress

Get it JT…

Get it JT!

Best DIY list I’ve seen yet! I want to do it all and will be lucky if i do one 🙂

Best DIY List