Spring-Time Prep: The Philadelphia Flower Show

This past Friday evening I was lucky enough to experience one of Philadelphia’s most anticipated events of the year “The Philadelphia Flower Show”. The theme of the 2013 flower show is “Brilliant”! As in the cheerful term that the British use to describe…. well, EVERYTHING (as quoted from the Urban Dictionary– and I completely agree!), or more specifically an english expression to describe excellence. The flower show was most definitely Brilliant in it’s beautiful attempt to capture the essence of The United Kingdom. In one large room you can visit the palace gates of the Queen of England, meet the guards of the Tower of London, visit the lush country side, experience the quant cottages of a simpler time and have tea with the Mad Hatter. All around it was a lovely experience and as always a wonderful source of inspiration for the Spring time ahead! You still have plenty of time to experience it for yourself, The Philadelphia Flower Show.

Philadelphia Flower Show Beefeaters at the Philadelphia Flower Show Big Ben at the Philadelphia Flower Show Alice in Wonderland at the Philadelphia Flower ShowPhiladelphia Flower Show Philadelphia Flower Show




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