OMG! of the week



I just came across Jamberry Nails! Coming from a nail polish addict, I paint my nails at least twice a week, and have become a lot more adventurous with trying out new colors, patterns, and techniques. I love the nail strips you can buy, and they easily last longer than a regular polish mani. But I’ve always wanted to have a certain design that i can’t find nail strips in and are too detailed to recreate with polish….and now Jamberry is my answer! You can upload your own photos and designs and make your own nail strips or choose from tons of pre-made strips! You can have the same design on all nails or mix and match designs! After reviewing the website the only difference from these nail strips and the ones you purchase at the drug store is the application instead of sticking right on your nail you warm with a hair dryer and then apply to the nail. I’m hoping that this helps with the edges sticking better to the nail, sometimes with the store-bought strips the edges don’t always stick and easily chip, so i hope this is the solution! Are you excited as me?!?! Off to go design my new nails!



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