Over it, or All Over It?

(I can’t believe I am about to write this) Overalls are back, and they seem to be all the rage! With tapered/skinny legs you can see them paired with booties and pumps. On top are loose knits, crop tops, bra tops, and blouses, anything goes. The most stylish ladies are showing their love for overalls from the east to the west coast. Trendy? Overalls? Can it be true?
This is one trend I might be skipping, I can’t get the image of my young, super dorky self rockin’ overalls out of my head. What do you think should overalls be left to toddlers? Or can overalls really be styled up? Are you over it, or all over it?

overall1 overall2 overall3 overall4 overall5


2 thoughts on “Over it, or All Over It?

  1. I’m over it! I will never wear overalls again. Seems like the fashion industry is really stretching it to “reinvent” a trend. I’m not a farmer nor do I see hipster toddlers even wearing these. It’s not a “throwback”, it’s a throw out!

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