Hump Day Treat: Lana Del Rey


Today I came across a video of Lana Del Rey’s rendition of Chelsea Hotel No. 2, which was written by my favorite song writer Leonard Cohen. It’s been said that this song is about his love affair (or “one night stand” from what the song suggests) with Janis Joplin. Discovering this video then sent me into a Lana Del Rey spiral! I have heard her interviewed on XPN before and found her to be really fascinating and humble. She talked a lot about how driven she is in her videography career. After finally getting the chance to see almost all of her videos you can see that she puts a lot of focus and attention there and she is good! So not only is she beautiful, with a sultry voice and a creative and keen sense of writing music, but she will probably go onto to be a famous film maker as well… Talk about an icon of our generation! I can’t wait to see what she does next. Take a look for yourself…

Lana+Del+Rey+last Lana+Del+Rey+WOW Lana+Del+Rey+Lana+PNG1    Lana+Del+Rey+Nicole+Nodland+Outtake+2 Lana+Del+Rey+png Lana+Del+Rey+Nick+Nodland+PNG artworks-000041275217-ls45qd-original Lana-Del-Rey Lana+Del+Rey+NA06png



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