On the Edge

My darker side includes animal print, black coated Joe’s Jeans, and a stacked heel. Any time I want to have a more intense, darker look I put on a shade of red lipstick. Red Lipstick can completely transform my look and my mood from light and bubbly to sultry and confident .

Darker Side   Darker Side   Dark Side

Jungle Red



Put on your red dress, Baby…!

In the spirit of V-Day approaching I decided to do some red dress research. Luckily I found plenty of red dress options for any Valentine’s Day outing- Fancy night out or cozy night in! Oh, and while you’re getting ready for the night play the song below!

Put on your red dress baby


SAG Awards: Beauties of the Ball

The SAG  Awards are always fun to watch, because they seem a little more relaxing. That also stands true for the Red Carpet at the SAG’s. The stars seem to allow themselves to wear what they want, instead of what is trending, which really allows there to be some diversity on the carpet. My Tops picks were chosen for a number of  different reasons, but the one thing they have in common is that all of these ladies looked their best.

There was a lot of Blue Hues on the SAG carpet but Amanda Seyfried stole the show in my opinion, in Zac Posen.


Helen Hunt, hands down, won best dressed for me in Romona Keveza. She just looked absolutely beautiful, and anyone who can pull off a liquid silver dress should win on guts alone. That kind of dress is not forgiving, but of course with her figure she didn’t need forgiveness. 


Jennifer Garner is one of my favorites to see on the red carpets. She always has the winning smile and all around happy demeanor to go with any number of the beautiful dresses she has worn, especially this gold Oscar de la Renta gown.


Jessica Chatain is probably the most wanted women in Hollywood right now. So it is very suiting that she would choose to wear such a stunning, red hot Alexander McQueen dress to match her status.


Marion Cotillard’s Dior Haute Couture was not my favorite dress of the night, but she looks amazing and perfectly put together. Her hairstyle will undoubtedly be one of the must have looks of spring 2013.


Nina Dobrev brought some necessary life to the Red Carpet with this sexy raspberry Elle Saab Gown. It’s fun without giving away too much. This is going to be a great color for prom season:)



local eats: kraftwork


If it’s one place we love around these parts it’s our local bar Kraftwork located at Montgomery & Girard in Fishtown. Kraftwork is a hot spot for c(k)raft beers  from Porters to Ciders there’s something to please every beer connoisseur. Grab a growler to go, or get a flight of 4 for just $10 (my personal favorite way to try out the varieties!). The fun doesn’t stop at drinks, the food, oh lord the food is amazing. Chef Brian Lofink and his team have created an eclectic American menu with choices from small plates and shared boards to delicious entrée salads and sandwiches. This is my go to “I have people visiting and want to impress them/make them jealous that they can’t eat here every weekend like me.” Go for the brunch, eggs Benedict & croque madame are crowd pleasers. Stay for dinner, grab some pretzel bites with beer and cheddar fondue (hello!) and ask for the specials they are always amazing.

kraftwork1 kraftwork3

Are you drooling yet?? To see the full menu and more details follow the link Kraftwork



*Every Friday ProjectME is going to share with you both of our Top 5 favorite Pins of the Week!*

Erin’s Pins:

A vibrant locket


Source: The Color Study II Locket – Vintage – Verabel … by verabel on Etsy VIA ERIN ON PINTEREST

Sunnies that need to make their way into my collection





Source: http://pinterest.com/lovefarm/ VIA ERIN ON PINTEREST

Motivation, the cutest Mara Hoffman Bikini


Source: pinerly.com VIA ERIN ON PINTEREST

Faborite LOL…Just a friendly reminder that this happened


Source: imgfav.com VIA ERIN ON PINTEREST



*Every Friday ProjectME is going to share with you both of our Top 5 favorite Pins of the Week!*



Molly’s Pins:

Leather and Denim
MK you’re amazing! Bling with a t-shirt…

Obsessed with socks over the stockings


Layering bracelets with a watch.
Love the colors and the feeling from these paintings.
Argentina born-Brooklyn based artist Fede Saenz



the hair diaries

Let me let you in on a little secret, I used to be that girl that washed and used her blow dryer every single day, it was terrible my friends, but my hair would be so crazy, wavy, curly, looked like I was in a fight last night kind of mess; I had no other choice. I will preface this because my hair was always on the shorter side, this is the longest my hair has ever been, so the shorter it is the harder I think it was to tame. But now I am a completely changed woman, my trick, top knot, and dry shampoo and now I am going three sometimes four days. My morning routine is cut in half, and my hair is so much healthier!


Day 1: Freshly washed hair, I tend to wear my hair straight on day 1, if anything I do a little wave with the curling iron at the ends and I don’t use hair spray (my hairs thick so the curl stays for me) I try not to use too many products on day 1. At night I twist my hair back into a top knot using Goodys Simple Style Spin Pins


Day 2: I’m in the process of growing out my bangs, so I do wet these while in the shower and then blow them out. I then take my hair out of my top knot and spray dry shampoo. Some days I leave it as is or I add some curls/waves with a curling iron. At the end of the day, I then repeat my nightly process putting it all up into a top knot.


Day 3: I repeat my morning routine again Day 3 is normally just recurling some parts, this is my big hair day, there’s defintely a lot more texture than day 1 and it tends to take on a life of its own. This is also a great day to pull it back or twist it up into a bun.


Day 4: I normally feel like I need to wash my hair, but sometimes I let it go just a little more…and so the big bun is born. Who can notice how dirty your hair is when you have a big old bun on the top of your head? No one, that’s right.

It’s been a complete game changer but I could not have done it without dry shampoo, here are my three you-can-find-in-drugstore favorites of the moment:


Suave Salon Proven Dry Shampoo – this is the first dry shampoo I tried from a friends recommendation, can I tell you it smells amazing, think grapefruit and summer time. It doesn’t leave behind too much texture or dirtiness that I found other dry shampoos do. It quickly soaks up any oily areas and recharges my locks. This is my go to for Day 1 & 2.


Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo –this is a second favorite, the smell is sweet and clean but not as over powering as the Suave (I have found that I used the Suave a little too much, so I need to mix it up with the Dove to get a new smell) This one I find is harder to rub in than the Suave, so you have to make sure you brush it/rub it all in so you don’t have any white spots. This is my go to for Day 3.


Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo – I love to use this on my Day 4, it definitely gives you the volume as promised, but it does give you a little more of the dirty/texture at the root, so I like to do it on the last day of my dirty hair cycle. It works great if you are trying to achieve a voluminous pony tail or updo, or even a pouf.

…and with that, I urge you to go out and get some dry shampoo, think of all the time you could save (or use to sleep in for a little bit longer!)


Maxed OUT!

Black knit maxi skirt photo-3 photo-4

My black knit maxi skirt is hands down, the most comfortable piece of clothing in my closet. I love matching it with a t-shirt and a scarf for a relaxed look. I can also easily dress it up with a button down and a great statement necklace. Maxi skirts can be a little daring to try, because they can almost look too conservative. With the right attitude and top to match though, the knit maxi can really be a cool look and matching it with a leather jacket helps! What do you wear your maxi skirts with?


Do You Dare to Flare?

Do You Dare to Flare?

I’ve been seeing more and more ladies trading in their skinny jeans for flare & wide legs. Flare leg jeans can help elongate your legs which can be a whole lot more flattering than those super skinny jeans, which on some days it’s nice to take a skinny jean brake! Flare jeans can be a great way to rock your heels or wedges, they look best when they aren’t dragging on the ground but when they cover your shoe. This is the hardest part for me, at 5’8″ it’s difficult for me to find a long enough pair to also be able to wear a wedge or heel, but I am up for the challenge looking for flare jeans in longer lengths is always an option. I’m loving these styles: 7ForAllManKind & JBrand

Creating the Look…When rockin’ the flare, try to keep what you are wearing on top not too loose or long, save these tops for your skinny jean days. Add your favorite heels or wedges and you’re set! Maybe it’s just these chilly temps, that’s got me dreaming of simple outfits basic t-shirts, flares, and sandal wedges…i’ll add it to my spring outfit wishlist and hope for warmer days to come! Will you be rocking the flares this spring?


Fun Fur, winter is still here!

Don’t put your winter clothes away yet. The weather here on the east coast cannot make up it’s mind! One day it’s mild, the next day it’s freezing and windy. Clothing Solution: I propose layers for this unpredictable temperature situation:) Right now things like Faux Furs are going to be on sale as spring styles are coming into the stores, but we still have 2 months of winter ahead. Make a discounted winter-layering piece purchase, like the oh so stylish and cozy vest that Jessica Alba is rocking below. It will help keep the chill off, while looking pretty chic.

Jessica Alba, Faux Fur Vest

P.S. Forever 21 is giving an extra 50% off all sale items today, and they have a big selection of faux fur vests!